Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We're all in this together.

I had shared this video a while back on my old blog, but came across it again this morning. I'm sure Hillsong United has made the entire film (since this is the teaser for it), but even if this was the entire film, it would be enough. The message really hits home.

Many times people watch these videos and desperately want to do something, but think they are unable to because they can't go on a missions trip,  can't give large amounts of money...etc. etc.

The first thing we as a Christian body can do is not be ignorant. To not ignore the problems around us. To not just sit by and watch as fellow human beings suffer. With all the material things that surround us each day, it's easy to get caught in the mundane. Don't get caught there.

Secondly, we should not be arrogant. We may live in America and have cool clothes, nice houses, good food, and all that, but none of it makes us superior to another person. We are not better. We are not more special.

Third, our hearts should hurt for those who are hurting. We as Christians should have compassion. It doesn't matter if the person lives next door or thousands of miles away - we should be there to show love and serve humbly as Jesus would.

Fourth, we must realize that we can't fix everything. There are too many problems in this world to try and make it your goal to fix every single one of them. We can't live our lives worrying over all the wrong in the world, but we should never turn a cold shoulder to any of it. God gave us our lives to live out and gave us all a purpose to be here. We should definitely help those who are hurting, but we shouldn't forget that we need to live our lives too. You should never feel like you cannot be happy because other people are suffering. That's not the way God wants you to live.

Lastly, we as Christians should be grateful. No matter what kind of day you are having or no matter what trials you are currently facing, you are blessed because you are alive. This life God has given us is a gift, and we should never complain about what He has put before us. Learning how to be thankful in any circumstance and being content with wherever you are "planted" is the single most important lesson you could learn.

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  1. Yes, we are so blessed! May we never take that for granted. You have a beautiful heart of love for others Lexi!


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