Thursday, December 15, 2011

Already won.

Many times I've asked the sky
"What am I searching for that I can't find?"
Too many times no answer returns
And I'm struggling beneath all this weight and hurt.

This road that I'm traveling is filled with defeat
So I guess it's good I've got strong shoes on my feet
A lot of people say I'm strong
But if they knew me deep down, they'd see they were wrong.

I'm taken for someone whose dreams stretch too far
And whose absence from their normality makes her life hard.
I was always deemed second in the line of first-calls
A stranger in the mist of "friends" who never called at all.

I've lived a long life but I'm still too young to know
All the hardships that await me on this far-out dirt road.
My pain has come back at the times I least expected it
But you'd never know because I've learned how to hide it.

People don't realize that I'm real too
I may be different but I still am human like you
I watch sunsets and eat chocolate cake
I see beauty in the small things and try never to be late.

Too many people are put down or ignored
Because they don't fit in like everybody says they should
"Used" is a word I know all too well
Picked up and then dropped for somebody else.

But I know I'm beautiful no matter what they say
Because nothing they've ever done to me can stand in my way.
My dreams may seem big but I know someone who is bigger still
Who loves me at my worst and calms my chaotic will

I know I'm not alone even when those moments return
God doesn't give up on anyone who seeks out His word.
Darkness thinks it has triumphed but the battle is done
Because whatever comes against me, God has already won.

- Lexi

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  1. smile, you are beautiful. YES! thank's for this encouragement.
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