Friday, March 30, 2012

Confession | The Hunger Games

**This post is not to bash anyone who watched the movie or read the books; I am simply sharing my thoughts.**

It was during my Christmas break. I was tired, sick, and not looking forward to my next spring semester. I wanted a distraction from my boredom, so when I saw the trailer for a new movie called 'The Hunger Games' in early December, I wanted to find out what all the hype was about. I remember thinking, "Hunger Games? What the heck is the Hunger Games?" I looked it up, ordered the first book, and finished the entire series in less than 48 hours. I was hooked, but not for the reason I had thought.

For those of you who have no idea what the Hunger Games is, it is a futuristic book written by Suzanne Collins about 24 kids ages 12-18 being forced to fight to the death in an annual televised event called 'The Hunger Games'. Post-apocoliptic gladiator scenario. 

I found the books to be horrifying, but for some reason I was attracted to it. I was caught in the hype...and even though I felt this uneasy tug each time I read it, I kept reading. I was so engrossed in the story that I didn't want to think about if this story was okay. I wasn't obsessed with the books but when I heard the movie was coming out this month, it was never a question of whether or not I was going to see it.

Last night my dad and I saw 'The Hunger Games' in IMAX, and let me be completely honest when I say that I felt like puking throughout the entire film (having nothing to do with the blurry and shaky cinematography). Let me just clarify: I love movies. I mean, looooooveee movies. I am not a sissy movie watcher. I can take intense and sad.

This movie left me feeling like I couldn't function properly after it was over. Watching something I have read - with all of it being shown right in front of my face made me realize where I went wrong. It brought me to my core, and made me give a good reality check of myself. "What was I thinking?" I felt messed up after watching the movie. I knew the story plot - I knew how the movie was going to end. I knew it was sick, but I wanted to see it anyway. When I cried in the movie, I wasn't crying for the characters. I was crying for myself...and for the rest of us messed up people who payed to go see kids kill each other. You know there is something wrong with a movie when a teenage guy sitting behind me lets out a strangled, guttural sound and starts sobbing when a little girl got killed. There is something wrong with a movie that ignites people in the audience to cheer and clap when one of the "bad kids" die in the arena (this didn't happen at my theatre...but many others). I walked out of that theater totally NOT comprehending how people could mentally go see it a second, third, or more times. You couldn't pay me enough to go see it again.  I'm not pointing fingers at those who have seen the movie multiple times, and I respect your decision. Hey, it's your life. I just don't understand the why.

It is SO disturbing. I have no excuse for myself of why I went or read the books. There was no thought involved because all I wanted to see was a good movie, not ponder on whether or not it was a good story. Watching that movie, I wanted to scream at myself. It finally clicked that this movie went against all of my values as a Christian and simply as a person. Half-way through the movie all I was thinking was, "What the heck is wrong with America? This movie is ranked number one in the world?" A movie that 100% devalues life. A story that causes people to loose themselves in a sickening hype. No thought; just enjoying entertainment.

If people will pay money to go see a movie about kids being forced to murder each other on reality TV, I do not doubt for a moment that people would go pay to have kids forced to murder each other in a sort of Hunger Games in the future. Call me crazy, but I back it up all the way.

I was so wrong to read those books, and I'm sorry that I allowed myself to do it. To say it simply, I will never be reading those books again and I will not be promoting the other two movies when they come out.

If I in any way encouraged anyone to read the books or go see the movie, I truly am sorry. In my denial, I may have stumbled others and that is something I am not okay with.

I am not depressed after watching that movie, just sad for my generation. God really worked in my heart last night, and I am so thankful for that. I hope that this post helped others see the 'Hunger Games' in a new light - something that was much needed for me.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Keep strong.


  1. I've heard what the plot of Hunger Games is and thought to myself..."Why?" why would I want to see that? Why is this so popular? The premise just seems so wrong. I know a LOT of people that have read the books and seen the movie, and they all seem to love it. So thank you for this! it's good to hear from someone with a different opinion of it!

  2. Thank you for your insight! I don't think i'll go see the movie. I've been debating about whether or not to see it, and now i don't want to. Thank you!!

  3. Nicely said, and thank you for your honest discussion.

    I never read the books (I've never been a fan of dystopian novels), but my sister started to read them because she was going to see the movie with a friend. She ended up only reading a couple chapters, and it majorly upset her. She was horrified. Needless to say she didn't end up seeing the movie. I am so glad that there are other Christians out there that feel the same way.

  4. I feel the SAME WAY!!! My sister and a ton of my friends saw and and they keep telling me to go but Ive been STANDING my ground because I know it would leave me feeling sick... I can't believe I read the books either. Gods grace is so amazing to me! so amazing. He is pure LOVE. and so so good to open our eyes and change our hearts and let us see the bigger picture here.

  5. I was discussing/debating with my mom about this topic of if it's really good, or right to be reading and seeing the movie and books. At first, I didn't see any problem with it, because it's just a story. Now I'm starting to think I won't see the second movie when it comes out. Very good post, thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

  6. My Two Cents: there is so much under the disturbing surface; i loved the female protagonist, good winning over evil, and am not surprised at the opposition by those who just see and hear about the games themselves. (Harry Potter had the same effect, that evil devil.)It is futuristic, and the Capitol is quite an exaggerated now world, if you think about it. Personally, i think you feel righteous and sound quite judgmental, but you are entitled to your opinion. i think the writer of HG really had thought about her setting and the message she was relaying. It had to be something as horrific as taking a community's children from them, to make the very very strong point of how freedom can be taken away and how awful it can be to be controlled by evil. There is Nothing worse than killing children, unless it is children forced to kill one another. Wow. Awful, Disturbing. Absolute helplessness on the part of the community at the mercy of it's leaders. Freedom, once lost, is worth fighting for(the sequels) There are two more novels, and it really is alot more of the same, but we know good always wins over evil, and it does in her stories too. Disturbing, yes. But I am not in the least bit ashamed to say I enjoyed the good writing, acting, and now all the "discussion" :) Nov. 2013 is the next movie, and I'll be there!!

  7. Lexi, thank you for sharing your thoughts on The Hunger Games. I noticed on your Facebook profile that you were looking forward to the movie. I started paying attention because people at my work were discussing it. I haven't read the book or seen the movie but had considered it for a time. Now that I've read your thoughts and insight ...I'm not going.

    Any time children kill children for sport ...sickens me. I cherish life.

    Thank you for your transparency and for sharing about the progression of your decision. There have been times when I enjoyed something but as time went on the Holy Spirit quickened me inside that it wasn't right. We need to listen and not ignore.

    Blessings and love,

    P.S. I do believe that people have a choice. I love healthy debates as long as they are respectful. Many of the people I know and care about enjoy shows like this one. I don't think it's acting righteous and judgmental by sharing your views. (just my two cents Lexi)

  8. I'm impressed and proud of you for sharing how you feel and what you were convicted of -- whether it turned out to be popular with others or not.

    Like it's been said above -- everyone is entitled to their opinion - and everyone is convicted of different things at different times. While I've read the Harry Potter books and saw the first few movies -- at that time, it didn't convict me (or if it did, I wasn't listening) -- however very shortly after that, God began dealing in my heart in new ways and I realized that I needed to have nothing more to do with HP (and immediately lost any lingering desire I thought I had to watch the last several movies -- the evilness started really getting to me!)

    I also noticed that whatever was amazingly widespread and popular with the world almost guaranteed that I, as a Christian and someone who's God's been working on my heart in those areas, would/should have nothing to do with it. Now, am I saying that so-and-so isn't a real Christian if they do choose to watch/read these things? No -- because it's not for me to judge their heart -- however I can say that they do need to be careful that they don't let the devil get a hold of them though those things. He's sly like that! :) So, when I saw the widespread and almost obsessiveness people were getting over the Twilight series and now the HG, I knew right away that I wanted (and shouldn't have) nothing to do with them -- whether that was the popular thing or not.

    Besides, in high school I had to read a short story called "The Lottery" -- kinda the same story line as HG, just with a town stoning the person (whether adult or baby) who was picked in the yearly lottery -- and I HATED it! Ick! So then when I read what HG was about -- ick! You can bet that I was staying away!

    Anyway -- that's just my thoughts on this -- and again, I'm proud of you for standing for what you feel is right -- whether the world, your friends/family, or your blog/fb friends agree or not.

  9. Thank you so much for posting this, Lexi. I've followed your blog(s) for quite a while, but I've never worked up the courage to leave a comment! (There's something about thirteen year-olds talking to 17+ year-olds that is somewhat scary!) :D

    I've been going through a pretty hard time with The Hunger Games. (You can read about it here:
    Anyway, thank you so much for letting us into a bit of your heart, and for not getting sucked into the world's new idol like a lot of people are. I'm really glad to know that I am not the only one who is standing against The Hunger Games for spiritual reasons.
    Glad to know that you are my sister in Christ!

    (I hope this comment made some sense!)

    1. Hi Tirzah!

      Thanks so much for your comment! It was great hearing from you and I really appreciate what you have to say. :)

  10. Lexi, it's so refreshing to hear someone else express their disdain for this series when nearly ALL of my close friends are crazy about them! I read the first two books and stopped right there. I felt that same horrific feeling, and I knew that this was something I did not want to continue (as spell-binding as they were).

    Anyway, thanks for being willing to stand against the crowd--even the Christian crowd. It's encouraging to know that I'm not the only one! =)


    1. Hi Chloe,

      Thank you! I read your post about the Hunger Games awhile back and it was simply another piece of the puzzle that lead me to make my final decision concerning the series. So thank you for YOUR honesty as well. :)


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