Wednesday, January 25, 2012

choosing to trust.

Hey everyone!

Sorry the blog has been quiet for a little while. Last week my grandfather who has been fighting cancer for over 3 years passed away, so my family and I had to travel up North for the funeral. For those of you that knew about it, thank you for the prayers and encouragement.

This post won't be super long, because I've got my college work calling me, but I just wanted to quickly talk about something that has been on my heart recently.

Trust: noun > (1) Firm reliance on the integrity or ability of a person or thing. (2) Something committed into the care of another; charge. (3) The condition or obligation of having confidence placed in one. verb > (1) To rely or depend (on); have confidence in. (2) To hope. (3) To expect with assurance. (4) To believe. (5) To entrust.

As servants of God, we are constantly being told in scripture to trust Him. With all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Even though this sounds really great, we all fail at doing this one thing. Trusting.

Deep within my soul, I want to trust.
I want to give up fighting.
I want to surrender it all.
But everyday it's a choice.
| God | or | me |

We don't trust because we're scared of what He might do when we give Him control. The fear of our lives being radically turned upside down overwhelms us. Frankly speaking, we are a bunch of wimps. Ok, I AM A WIMP.
The truth is, trust IS scary. Trust is overwhelming. Trusting will hurt. Trusting will be hard.
Trust is not easy, but it is worth it.

it takes love.
it takes time.
daily battles.
it takes fight.
it takes your entire life. all of you.

This may sound rough, but trusting another person more than you trust God is like saying you think that person is better than God. It's perfectly fine to trust others - because you should. But your entire trust should be in God first before you begin giving your heart out to everyone around you. God knows you. People only know how much you tell them. God's love lasts forever. He won't hurt you like others will.

Trust in God should not be put on hold when your trust in another is broken.
It should get even stronger.  
Trust in God should not be put aside when a trial is put into your life.
It should be what gets you through it. 
Trust in God should not make your life perfect.
It should be what perfects you. 

-----> look back at that definition of the word TRUST. Now (honestly) ask yourself these q's:

To whom have I committed myself to?
Who or what am I relying on?
To whom does my confidence belong?
What is my hope placed in?
Who am I expecting to get me through each day?
Where is my assurance placed?
Who do I believe in?
Who do I entrust my entire heart to?

These questions tear me to pieces. but in a good way.
I want to change. Lord transform me from the inside out. Consume me. Change me.

Today - right now - I'm making the choice to trust. Who's with me?


  1. This is extremely convicting and powerful! I needed to read this today. Thanks so much for sharing, Lexi! I am continuing to pray for your family!

    Much Love,


  2. BEAUTIFUL! I so love you! Trusting with you sweet girl - all the way to His heart for us!!!!!!

  3. Wise words from one so young. I'm excited to see how the Lord will be using you in the future Lexi. I continue to pray for your family, especially as you go through this time of mourning.

    Blessings and love,

  4. This is a beautiful post. And Lexi, you are a really good writer. You have a way with words. Keep using it to the glory of God and He'll use you to glorify Him in a world such a this!

    So sorry to hear about your granddad. I pray God will comfort you and the rest of the family. Blessings and Love. God is unfathomable.

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